Quotes on Software Testing: Load Testing, Unit Testing, Functional Testing

Crafting a Mobile Software Testing Strategy

March 2, 2016 3

In a perfect software development world, you have all the time and the resources available to test every aspect of your mobile apps. In reality, the time and resources for software testing are limited. In his book “Tap Into Mobile Application Testing“, Jonathan Kohl discusses how to define a strategy for mobile testing projects.

Test Automation is Like Software Development

January 6, 2016 1

In many software development organizations, people make a difference between the software developers who actually write code and the software testers that are just there to perform some software quality activities. In the book “Experiences of Test Automation”, software testers from SAP share their view that test automation requires the same mindset than software development.

Benefits and Limitations of Test Monkeys

October 19, 2015 0

A test monkey is an automated tool uses for random application testing. Unlike automated regression tests, test monkeys explore the system in a new way each time the test is run. In the book ” Experiences of Test Automation”, there is an interesting chapter that explains the benefits and limitations of test monkeys.

Things to Remember When Writing Tests

April 28, 2015 0

Writing test should be part of the normal routine of every software developer. It is however not always the case. In his book ” Bad Tests, Good Tests”, Tomek Kaczanowski provides some interesting tips to improve your test writing activity.

The Software Tester as a Designer

March 3, 2015 0

Software testing is an activity that has often been placed at the end of the software development life cycle, something that you did if there were some time left before the project deadline. In his book ” Scrum Shortcuts without Cutting Corners”, Ilan Goldstein explains that the software testers should be active since the beginning of the project.

The Limits of Code Coverage

November 10, 2014 0

Code coverage is a metric that gives the degree to which the source code of a program is tested by a particular test suite. This metric is provided by open source or commercial code coverage tools and displayed in quality dashboards like SonarQube. There are many discussions about the right level of code coverage. In his book Quality Code, Stephen Vance explains the limit of this metric.

Testing Usability Early

August 20, 2014 0

Without a full user-centered process, performing a usability test at the end of the development process merely serves to highlight the unacceptable nature of the design. It’s a sad and frustrating result, but there is usually little that can be done except to release the poor design.

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