Journée Française des Tests Logiciels, Paris, April 9 2019

The Journée Française des Tests Logiciels (French Software Testing Day) is a one-day conference focused on software testing organized by the Comité français du test logiciel (CFTL), the French chapter of the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). It brings together more than 700 French software testers. Most of the presentations and keynotes are in French, but there are also sessions in English.

In the agenda of the Journée Française des Tests Logiciels conference you can find topics like “Test Automation in an Agile Organization at Voyages-sncf.Com”, “Don’t Write the Test… Draw it”, “Testing Software in a Scaling Agile Context”, “Open Source as a Valuable Solution for Software Testing”, “App Testing: Seven Experience Reports”, “Security as a Service”, “Automated Testing: Selenium vs SoapUi”, “Performance Testing”, “Using Lean in Software Testing”, “Load Testing and Agility”, “Optimizing Your Tests with a Simplified Automation Approach”, “Seven Years of Experience in Model-Based Testing”, “Optimizing the Testing Process with a Grey Box Approach”.

Web site for Journée Française des Tests Logiciels conference:

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