ActiveState Adds Test Driven Development Capabilities to ActivePython

ActiveState has announced the release of an enhanced ActivePython 2.7.12 and ActivePython 3.5.2. In addition to expanding support for test driven development (TDD), this release also includes some of the most popular Python packages including VirtualEnv, Requests, Six, Simplejson, DateUtil, and MarkupSafe. ActivePython now also includes ActiveState’s polyglot IDE, Komodo.

According to feedback from our 2016 Open Source Survey, test driven development (TDD) was cited as being used by almost half of all respondents. As such, for the first time in ActiveState history, ActiveState is shipping some of the most popular Python testing and code quality packages such as Pyflakes, Pytest, and Coverage directly with the distribution:
* Coverage – reports on how much code is covered by unit tests
* Pyflakes – checks Python programs for well known errors
* Pytest – is a popular unit testing framework

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