PNSQC 2017 Call for Speakers

The Pacific NorthWest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) wants you to come and share your knowledge and experience on October 9-11 2017 in Portland, Oregon. We want to hear about your journey growing quality software: share your software testing techniques, automation awareness, preferred processes, souped up security measures, performance passions and more! You have until May 1h to submit a 1-2 paragraph description of what you’d like to present on in October at PNSQC.

Pacific NorthWest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC)

For its 35th annual event, the Pacific NorthWest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) will celebrate the heights software quality can reach and recognizing just how much the software industry has grown. We are the longest-running software quality conference in the country and we would love to have you contribute to the rich history that is PNSQC. Accepted proposals include free admission to the conference! We invite you answer the Call for Proposals and make a submission to present at this year’s conference. Tell us, using only a few paragraphs, about a quality issue you addressed, how you addressed it, and what the outcome was.

These areas of emphasis for presentations are suggested:
* Security
* Big Data Analysis
* Large-scale Agile
* Continuous Integration and deployment
* Internet of Connected Devices
* Mobile development
* Automobile Automation

To add further excitement to this year we will be adding a best paper award. This award will be judged by a review committee for both its technical merit and its impact on software quality. We will also be giving awards for the best presenter during the conference.

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