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Defective Java

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Learn about the various Java coding mistakes made by experienced developers in production code. We found thousands of serious coding mistakes in Googles Java codebase, as well as in many other codebases. Many of these reflect weaknesses or quirks of the Java language and/or APIs.

You’ll learn things to watch out for, and various techniques for finding the mistakes that matter, and not wasting too much time on the ones that don’t. This video also presents Findbugs, a static code analysis open source tool that analyses Java bytecode and detects a wide range of problems.

Findbugs scans for possible bugs in Java software. Each finding is reported as a warning, but not all of these warnings are necessarily defects, e.g. warnings referring to possible performance issues. The terms bug or bug pattern are used in a misleading way by Findbugs. A better way would be to talk just about warnings. In the following article, the term warning will be used. All warnings are classified in four ranks: (i) scariest, (ii) scary, (iii) troubling and (iv) of concern. This is a hint to the developer about the possible impact/severity of the warnings. The current version reports 400 warnings in the nine categories.

Video Producer: Devoxx Conference

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