TestBash, Brighton, March 15-16 2018

TestBash is a two-day conference focused on software testing organized by the Ministry of Testing and taking place in Brighton. The first day is a workshop day and the second day is a single track conference.

In the agenda of the TestBash conference, you can find topics like “Story Mapping: Slicing Epics into Testable Bites”, “Rapid Software Testing”, “Talk About Testing by NOT Talking about Testing”, “Thinking and Working Visually for Software Testers”, “Rediscovering Test Strategy”, “Let’s Talk About Ethics And Software Testing”, “What I Learned About Testing Software By Becoming A Developer, Then A CEO”, “Coaching Skills To Unlock The Potential Tester In Everyone!”, “The Rapid Software Testing Guide to What You Meant To Say”, “Why I Lost My Job As a Test Manager and What I Learned As a Result”, “What’s In a Name? Experimenting With Testing Job Titles”, “Automation in Testing”, “The Art of Asking Questions”, “Quality doesn’t belong with the tester!”, “Getting Rid of Release Candidate Testing”, “Myths and Legends of Software Testing”.

Web site: https://dojo.ministryoftesting.com/events/testbash-brighton-2017
Location for the TestBash conference: The Clarendon Centre, 47 New England Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4GQ