TestWorks Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 13 2017

TestWorks Conference is a conference focused on software testing and more specifically test automation open source tools, that takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The TestWorks conference includes workshops and interactive sessions that are provided by professionals in the software testing community.

In the agenda of the TestWorks conference you can find topics like “Proactive regression detection”, “Zero To Automation: Lyft’s Journey in Scaling Mobile UI Testing”, “Start security testing with the tools you already use!”, “Scaling out your load tests with Visual Studio Team Services”, “Put the test to the test: Continuous Delivery”, “Making little things big with Gatling”, “BDD in AngularJS apps using Protractor and Cucumber”, “Automate or Die! Real World Automation Survival”, ” Performance Testing made easy with Gatling”, “The magic of models for 100% test automation”, “DRY up your AngularJS unit tests using Mox”, “Beefing up FitNesse”.

Web sitefor the TestWorks Amsterdam conference: http://www.testworksconf.com/