Appvance Launches Apache JMeter Cloud

Appvance is making load testing lower cost, fast, and easy for development & QA teams with the introduction of Appvance UTP Performance Cloud. Built atop the Appvance UTP platform, Performance Cloud brings a very easy to use interface which allows novices to advanced users to get load test results in minutes, with no additional training. Additional features include mobile load testing as well as UX-level HTML5 performance tests using real browsers in the cloud.

“This new cloud offering from Appvance is simple, easy to use and very inexpensive: 50% to 80% lower cost than the competition,” said Kevin Surace, Appvance CEO. “Our Unified Test Platform is the best-of-breed 3rd generation automated test platform. However not everyone needs the hundreds of features and test types offered to the enterprise in UTP. This new cloud load test service gives people a taste of what they might graduate to in the future, all starting at no cost.”

Key features of Appvance UTP Performance Cloud include:
* 50% lower cost than other services
* 100% compatible with Apache Jmeter – Import your existing Jmeter scripts
* Create tests at scale to 1M+ users
* Setup tests in under 5 minutes
* Real-time detailed reports
* Capture instantly – The built-in Jmeter proxy allows testers to use their mobile or browser-based applications and the Appvance UTP Performance Cloud will create the Jmeter or HAR scripts for you.
* Auto-Correlation – Correlates items such as session ID’s automatically in HAR for mobile load testing
* Appvance Designer – An advanced code-free recording environment for rapidly creating and automating data-driven use cases by creating easy-to-edit, low-brittleness UX-driven scripts.
* True Beginning-to-End testing – Tests the complete user experience as it takes into consideration all the nuances and variables of the client-side code, which is where a larger percentage of code resides today.