Ascert Releases VersaTest Automator v1.11

Ascert announces the release of VersaTest Automator version 1.11. This release contains a number of new features. “Once again Ascert have been working on improving VersaTest’s usability.” says Simon Miles, Ascert’s Product Architect for the VersaTest product line. “We continue to expand upon the usability of the product allowing more user platform flexibility and access. We realize that modern development and testing environments can provide interoperability challenges for our users and the latest version of VersaTest has been updated to include an open REST API. We have also taken into consideration the potential use of phones and tablets as a way of monitoring testing environments. So, our existing web user interface has been modified to improve its compatibility with devices such as iPads and iPhones.”

The addition of the REST API will allow users to interact and control VersaTest through an open HTTP interface rather than having to launch either the web interface or a command line tool. This enhances the usability by providing a way for other tools, such as the Jenkins Continuous Integration product, to interact with VersaTest. Ascert released a Jenkins capable module for VersaTest in late 2016 and continues to expand testing access into the growing arena of Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing.

Further enhancements to the product in version 1.11 include the addition of complex conditionals used in the Test Case validation and matching logic. This improves the granularity on test result checking. In addition to time savings in testing, VersaTest decreases the time involved in analyzing testing results. With an easy to use GUI interface and “audit capture” functionality, the product increases both testing accuracy as well as ROI.