Free Katalon Studio Testing Tool Released

IT services provider KMS Technology has announced the release of Katalon Studio, a free test automation toolset for web and mobile app testing. Katalon Studio revolutionizes the way software testers use Selenium and Appium with a complete test automation framework that allows testers to quickly setup, create, run, report, and maintain their automated tests.

Katalon benefits include:
* Simple Deployment – a single installation package contains everything needed to begin
* Quick Start Up – built-in templates and clear tutorials allow users to quickly build and run automation test scripts
* Flexible Modes – use recording and keywords to build automation tests if you’re a tester with less experience, or use a full IDE to build advanced scripts for more experienced users.

Katalon also provides an advanced recording utility and Object Spy tool that enables users to identify page elements and generate scripts automatically, allowing users to transform manual steps into automated steps in less time.

In addition to the free version, KMS also offers Katalon Studio for businesses that require additional support, including customized pricing for setup services and prioritized tech support. For more information on Katalon Studio, please visit