Fuzzbuzz Fuzzing Testing Company Gets 2.7 Million Financing

Fuzzbuzz has landed a $2.7 million seed round of financing to help deliver a fuzzing version of automated software testing as a cloud service. Fuzzing is a software testing methodology that tests code 24 hours a day, using the feedback and results it gathers to generate new test cases.

Fuzzbuzz is a graduate of the most recent Y Combinator class that was co-founded by Everest Munro-Zeisberger who worked on the Google Chrome fuzzing team, which has surfaced more than 15,000 bugs using this technique. Fuzzing is effective because it takes a completely different approach to software verification than human-driven software testing techniques such as unit testing, code review, manual debugging and even static analysis. By continuously fuzzing your code, you immediately increase your bug-finding potential to include the unforeseen problems that are not covered by static analysis rules or your software developer imaginations.

Fuzzbuzz integrates with source-control and CI tools like GitHub, Jenkins and CircleCI, to ensure that the latest version of your code is always being tested. Whenever code is updated, Fuzzbuzz automatically checks to see if bugs have been fixed, so developers don’t have to spend time closing out bug reports. In addition, Fuzzbuzz plays nicely with existing open-source fuzzing tools like AFL, Gofuzz, Libfuzzer, or other popular frameworks.