GenRocket Integrates with Test Automation Tools

The GenRocket test data generation platform has announced the ability to integrate with all major test automation frameworks and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platforms to enable continuous testing operations in a DevOps approach.

GenRocket will feature numerous connection methods that allow seamless integration with open source test automation tools like Selenium, JMeter, Gatling, Fitnesse and Cucumber as well as CI/CD servers like Jenkins, TeamCity and CircleCI. GenRocket provides also connectors with other tools and platforms like SonarQube or GitHub. Jenkins is the leader in CI/CD pipeline servers with over 70% market share. It has become the principle vehicle for orchestrating the code/build/test/release process at the heart of a continuous integration and delivery process.

“We describe the impact of combining GenRocket TDG with test automation frameworks and CI/CD pipelines as Test Automation Synergy,” noted Garth Rose, GenRocket CEO and Co-founder. “If you’re missing any one of these 3 essential technologies, then you will fail to realize the full value of your test automation investment as measured in terms of cost, quality or time efficiency.”

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