Inflectra Updates Plugin For Test Management with Jira

Inflectra has announced the latest version of its plugin for SpiraTest that provides powerful test case management fully integrated with Atlassian Jira. This powerful data-synchronization platform lets you integrate SpiraTest cloud hosted with Jira On-Demand as well as Jira Server providing seamless visibility across the software development and testing lifecycle.

SpiraTest comes with a built-in data-synchronization system that lets you easily connect to Atlassian Jira. With the plugin, you can get the best of both worlds, use Jira for bug tracking and project management and SpiraTest for your quality and test management. When you use the SpiraTest plugin for Jira, you can write test cases linked to Jira user stories, assign and schedule the test cases and have your testers do their testing directly in SpiraTest. When they record test failures and log defects they are seamlessly synchronized with Jira.

New Features

The new version provides the following features:
* The ability to synchronize file attachments and screenshots in both directions (SpiraTest > Jira and Jira > SpiraTest)
* The ability to synchronize requirement types between SpiraTest and Jira
* The ability to handle the new SpiraTest component field added in SpiraTest 5.0.
* Support for TLS 1.2 encryption protocols.

About Inflectra

Inflectra Corporation is a privately held software company dedicated to helping its customers – large corporations, small businesses, professional services firms, government agencies and individual developers – with the means to effectively and affordably manage their software development lifecycles, so as to decrease the time to market and increase return on investment. To learn more about Inflectra, visit