Kobiton Expands Beta for Mobile Device Testing Cloud Platform

Kobiton has announced an expansion of its initial beta offering. The mobile device cloud platform empowers mobile developers to build high performing applications faster, offering remote access to a robust lab of real iOS and Android devices to perform manual or automated testing.

Through Kobiton, developers can cost effectively access a growing portfolio of iOS and Android devices to test their product before launch. The lab currently offers a broad range of iPhones, iPads, as well as Samsung, LG, Nexus, Moto devices and even the Google Pixel. New devices are added as they are introduced to ensure that multiple generations of technology are available for testing. Both manual and automated testing is supported on Kobiton with robust reporting that captures testing history and results. Automatically generated activity logs allow developers to identify potential issues faster, so a quality product can get to market sooner. In this expanded beta, participants are asked to test their software products, for free, in exchange for their feedback. Access to the beta will be offered through the end of March 2017.