Parasoft Launches Unit Test Assistant for Java

Parasoft has launched the Jtest Unit Testing Assistant (UTA) for Java. UTA is a unit testing tool that aids developers in the creation, assessment, and enhancement of unit tests, enabling teams to reduce the time and learning curve required to create and maintain effective tests.

UTA guides you through the entire process of creating and analyzing unit tests, allowing you to spend less time constructing the test itself and focus on the business logic required to validate the code under test. By analyzing the code, UTA can create fully-functioning unit tests with the click of a button, while also helping you improve existing tests to ensure their quality and compliance with unit testing best practices. Recommendations and hints help you extend and customize high-coverage unit tests. UTA can also be customized to your needs and preferences and you can choose frameworks that best suit your needs and testing habits. To learn more about Unit Test Assistant, please visit the recent blog post. Parasoft Jtest’s Unit Test Assistant enables you to:
* Instantly create a runnable JUnit test and seamlessly capture code coverage information during execution.
* Isolate the code under test from its dependencies with one-click mocking and runtime mocking hints and recommendations.
* Get immediate feedback on how to enhance and create stable unit tests using runtime recommendations.
* Quickly run through multiple test scenarios with parameterized unit tests using mutated input data stored in-code or in external sources (i.e. CSV files).
* Scale your testing effort with a bulk test creation for multiple classes/methods with a package or the entire project.