Parasoft Releases API Testing for Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Subscribers

Parasoft has announced the worldwide release of Parasoft Virtualize/SOAtest Professional Desktop for Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise subscribers. Parasoft’s Virtualize/SOAtest enables software developers and testers to quickly perform both API testing and virtualization across a broad range of industry standard protocols and message formats. The new packaging increases Microsoft developers’ testing toolbag, enabling them with more effective and efficient ways to get their testing done, minimizing overhead and substantially reducing risk of defects.

Parasoft Virtualize/SOAtest Professional Desktop provides Visual Studio eEnterprise 2017 subscribers with:
* Complete API testing across a broad range of industry standard protocols
* Ability to quickly simulate the messaging and behavior of dependent multi-tiered systems
* Highly-efficient API and protocol testing without the overhead of writing stubs or waiting for resources to free up
* Cost savings by sharing virtual services and/or system components
* Six months free access, followed by 25% discount on annual subscription