Parasoft Releases New API Testing & Service Virtualization Solutions

Parasoft has announced its latest enhancements of their API testing and service virtualization solutions. Parasoft SOAtest and Virtualize are tools that enables teams to quickly solve today’s most challenging issues, including security, performance, and test environment obstacles. In a continued effort to improve functionality and ease-of-use for customers, Parasoft has introduced new functionality and streamlined workflows to address everyday challenges that software developers and testers face.

Parasoft has focused on three key areas with this new release:
* Broadening access to testing through the thin client interface: Greater access enables teams to quickly initiate testing projects, facilitate correlation and collaboration, and seamlessly tie test scenarios to environments.
* Solving data challenges through enhanced workflows: Providing quick and simple access to test data helps test designers create move efficient and effective tests.
* Shift-left performance testing: Early-stage performance testing is available by reusing existing test artifacts in performance tests and reviewing results in the Web-enabled dashboard.