Perfecto Introduces Tools for Faster Debugging

Perfecto has introduced new tools designed for developers and development teams that accelerate the web and mobile app development process through faster debugging and troubleshooting. Powered by Perfecto’s on-demand, cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab, the new tools provide fast feedback to mobile and web developers and development teams. The tools allow developers to obtain real-world feedback early in their development process, identify and fix platform-specific bugs, and streamline continuous integration (CI) within their DevOps delivery pipeline.

A recent trend in mobile and web development shows 25% of time is spent addressing a bug fix backlog, which slows down the velocity of releases and prohibits the innovation of new features that draw in users and boost engagement. This effort can be minimized with fast feedback, improved mapping of target coverage areas and the ability to embed automated quality practices throughout the entire SDLC, from development to testing to production. Mobile app and web developers can use Perfecto’s new tools to support these practices and in turn improve the quality of their code, increase time to market and reduce risks to the user experience in production.

Perfecto’s new developer tools make high-velocity development possible. Key features and benefits include:
* Injection of quality across development, QA and ops processes – Teams can integrate unit, exploratory and automated testing directly into their IDE of choice for mobile or web.
* Full support for native mobile testing frameworks – Espresso (Android) and XCTest (iOS), enables developers to receive early feedback from CI builds over a wide range of platforms, environments and real user conditions.
* Improved visibility into bugs – Perfecto’s DigitalZoom reporting provides cross-platform visibility and allows teams to track quality trends, analyze platform-specific issues and collaborate on test results for faster fixes.
* Accelerated debugging – Perfecto’s DevTunnel accelerates debugging and troubleshooting in development cycles by providing instant access to a variety of real cloud-based devices, browsers and user environments from within your IDE of choice, leveraging your debugger of choice.