RemoteLaunch 5.0 Provides Data-Driven Test Automation

Inflectra has announced the release of RemoteLaunch 5.0, the powerful test automation integration framework for SpiraTest. The new version provides support for the new test configurations feature of SpiraTest 5.3, allowing you to easily execute the same tests against different platforms and environments as well as against different sets of test data.

Support for Data-Driven Testing

The latest version of RemoteLaunch uses the new API introduced in SpiraTest 5.3 that allows you to associate a test set with different sets of test data, called test configurations. This allows RemoteLaunch to download the defined test set and iterate over each of the rows of test data, executing the same test set repeatedly without any additional work on the part of the test manager. Since of the looping is done by RemoteLaunch, the use of data-driven testing does not increase the time or bandwidth needed to download the test cases, and it allows RemoteLaunch 5.0 to use the same library of plugins as previous versions without change.

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