Semaphore Releases Boosters

Semaphore, a cloud-based code delivery service provider, announced the launch of Boosters, a new feature that drastically speeds up automated software testing. Boosters allows software development teams working on large applications to automatically speed up their test suite by 10 or more times, and deliver updates to users much more frequently.

“Before we started working with Boosters, test times were one of our biggest development bottlenecks. Running our test suite took over 90 minutes, and forced us to try a whole host of clunky workarounds just to try to get quicker feedback”, said Bryce Senz, CIO at Credda. “Boosters have given us a tremendous time savings — our full suite now runs in just under 16 minutes. Our productivity has increased tremendously, almost doubling our output in terms of tickets we close each week. Using Boosters has really helped our large project feel a lot more nimble to develop!”

“Every tech company wants to increase developer productivity and have faster time-to-market.”, said Darko Fabijan, company co-founder and Semaphore Boosters product lead. “Semaphore has successfully developed a solution that automates testing and deployment in the cloud. Now we want to focus on providing solutions that let teams measure and optimize that entire process”, Fabijan added.

With Boosters, Semaphore monitors an application’s test suite and dynamically distributes test files across parallel jobs. This ensures best possible performance regardless of how code changes over time, and works without any changes in the source code.

“We are very happy with Boosters. Semaphore now really “boosts” our every day’s work and improves our continuous integration workflow a lot. We were able to reduce the time of our test suite from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 10 minutes”, said Thomas Winkler, CTO at SimpliFlow.

At the time of launch, Boosters support Ruby on Rails applications, with a plan to include other open source languages and frameworks in the future.