ServiceV Pro 2.0 Released

SmartBear Software has announced ServiceV Pro 2.0, the latest version of the popular service virtualization product. The new version of ServiceV Pro introduces Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Virtualization to speed development and testing by reducing dependencies on relational databases that are often unavailable, hard to reach or belong to a third party.

JDBC Virtualization in ServiceV Pro enables software development to continue unabated, irrespective of the state or availability of the underlying database. The JDBC transactions can be recorded easily through an intuitive user interface, and in case the database is unavailable for any reason, the responses can be replayed and customized in the virtualized environment. With the addition of JDBC virtualization, another popular protocol joins existing HTTP, REST, SOAP and JMS protocol support in ServiceV Pro.

Along with the new JDBC Virtualization capability, SmartBear has also introduced an enhanced version of VirtServer, which is an add-on to ServiceV Pro that enables sharing virtual services on the network or in the cloud. The enhancement makes it easier to manage shared virtual services through a new, intuitive web-based user interface and also provides a detailed audit log of the virtual service activity. This provides administrators with a holistic view of their deployed virtual services and enables them to manage these services through a simple point-and-click interface. Administrators can now better manage, monitor and track the shared virtual services.