SmartBear Acquires Zephyr

SmartBear has decided to acquire Zephyr the vendor of test management tools. This was mainly motivated by the popularity of Zephyr for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace where the tool is used by 18,000 teams. SmartBear said that it “will continue to extend and deepen the Zephyr product line and strengthen its relationship with Atlassian by leveraging SmartBear tools to bring more value to the users of the Atlassian Marketplace”.

“We are thrilled to have Zephyr join the SmartBear team,” said Justin Teague, CEO of SmartBear. “The acquisition of Zephyr will establish SmartBear as the leader in test management and broaden our portfolio of high-impact, easy-to-use tools, which includes SoapUI, TestComplete, SwaggerHub, CrossBrowserTesting, Collaborator, and AlertSite.”

“We created Zephyr to help organizations continuously improve efficiencies and collaboration for their software testers and developers,” said Scott Johnson, CEO of Zephyr. “By leveraging the industry expertise and array of SmartBear solutions, our customers will continue to benefit from the tools they know and love, while now being able to solve additional software development challenges related to building, testing, and monitoring software applications across the UI and API layer.”