SmartBear Releases SoapUI NG Pro 2.0

SmartBear Software has announced SoapUI NG Pro 2.0, the latest version of the popular API testing tool. The new version of SoapUI NG Pro introduces an interactive dashboard for testers to gain end-to-end visibility into API quality and integrates API security scanning which enables testers to ensure APIs are free from common security vulnerabilities.

In order to ensure APIs are ready for prime-time, teams need to execute a number of tests to check the functionality, security and performance of their APIs. In order to interpret test results and identify trends or anomalies, testers are often forced to spend excessive amounts of time and effort on analysis. The new interactive dashboard in SoapUI NG Pro provides users with an end-to-end view across functional, performance and security tests at a glance. Users can drill down into test results, filter information and export key insights as reports to share. The dashboard also offers “one click” access to test creation.

The new 2.0 version of SoapUI NG Pro also adds security scanning capabilities, which enable testers to execute security scans along with functional tests with just a click. This ensures that API security testing occurs in parallel to functional testing and is not considered an afterthought. The easy-to-use security scanning capabilities enable quick assessment of APIs for common security vulnerabilities. Along with the new dashboard and security features, the point-and-click capability in SoapUI NG Pro has a new, intuitive user interface, enabling QA pros to do more testing in less time.