Vector Software Introduces VectorCAST/Probe

Vector Software, a provider of software solutions for embedded software quality, has announced VectorCAST/Probe. VectorCAST/Probe provides a simple way to dynamically instrument an application with blocks of code to enable white box testing, inject faults, and debug hard to repeat race conditions. VectorCAST/Probe supports multiple platforms and is integrated with the full family of VectorCAST tools for unit testing, system testing and integration testing.

VectorCAST/Probe resolves common test challenges including:

Testing the Error Path: A probe point can force variables to be set to unexpected values or to explicitly induce a software fault such as divide by zero, stack overflow or clock rollover. By explicitly inducing the fault, the error logic will be executed, and the recovery procedure can be validated.

Capturing Debug Data at the Time of Failure: When a test case fails, the tester can often see the cause of the error. A tester can validate a potential fix by creating a probe point and rerunning the test.

Separating Test Code from Production Code: When adding test code directly into the source, there is a risk of leaving test code in the end product. A better way is to use VectorCAST/Probe to maintain the test code separately from production code.