Zephyr Releases New Quality Management Platform

Zephyr has announced the release of a new platform for complete control, customization and usability. Zephyr’s new open platform enables test management and automation, while delivering a rich set of analytics. Its redesigned user interface is powered by HTML5/Angular JS2, resulting in an intuitive, user-friendly experience. The platform is built on a micro-services architecture, which allows it to be elastically scaled to meet the growth and availability enterprises with thousands of users.

The platform offers a rich and extensible set of REST APIs that provide seamless integrations with requirement and defect management tools such as JIRA, Doors, Rally, and many others. It also provides rich SSO and LDAP capabilities to facilitate enterprise deployments across large user bases. Zephyr enables test automation and provides the capability to integrate with a plethora of modern automation tools, such as Selenium, Cucumber, EggPlant, QTP and more. With its newly designed ZBot agents, it can run on any CI/CD framework (such as Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo) and bring automation and manual test results together seamlessly. This delivers a single enterprise-wide view of software quality and project status.

The analytics engine has been completely redesigned and comes with an array of customizable gadgets, burn down charts, traceability metrics and reporting. The analytics engine will help enterprises quickly derive information on quality metrics and use that information to identify necessary corrective actions. The platform integrates with two new Zephyr add-ons; a DevOps dashboard to gain completely visibility across the tooling pipeline and predictive analytics which will enable enterprises to identify problems with release quality before they occur. Product teams will then be better able to make data driven decisions to meet release deadlines with within budget and quality confidence.