Udacity Software Testing Online Course

Udacity software testing course (cs258) aims to teach how to think like a software tester, how to find bugs in code earlier and write better code. The course is presented by John Regehr, computer science professor at the University of Utah, and Sean Bennett.

This software testing course contains the following units:
* Unit 1: Domains, Ranges, Oracles, and Kinds of Testing.
* Unit 2: Code Coverage
* Unit 3: Random Testing
* Unit 4: Advanced Random Testing
* Unit 5: Consequences
* Unit 6: Conclusion

Udacity is a digital university on a mission to democratize education. It provides free courses that include lecture videos, quizzes and homework assignments. Multiple video short video sections make up each course unit. Each video is roughly five minutes or less, giving you the chance to learn piece by piece and re-watch short lesson portions with ease.