How Real Tests Lead to Real Progress

Unit tests are programmer’s best friend, but relying on them exclusively gives an illusion of overall system integrity. At some level, we need to verify how our components integrate and ensure unexpected behavior does not creep in when we shift the application into the target runtime. It all amounts to whether your application is providing the end user what he or she is really needs (tire swing) instead of what anyone thinks they need. How can we save our users from frustration, keep the fail whale at bay and communicate with stakeholders that the requirements are being met?

This video shows you how the Arquillian testing platform can give you these guarantees by driving agile development. We’ll explore the concepts of BDD and ATDD together using a powerful trio of testing frameworks: Arquillian, WebDriver and Thucydides. Rather than just test cases, you’ll build higher-level, end-to-end functional behavior using reusable web test components and following a clear “given, when, then” perspective. The result: cleaner, clearer tests that both validate your requirements and document your system behavior.

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