Unit Testing Web Applications with Intern

January 30, 2014 0

Intern is an open source software testing tool for Javascript. It runs tests using the browser or node.js and seamlessly integrates with SauceLabs or Selenium. You can write tests using object, TDD, or BDD styles and get full code coverage reporting with Istanbul. This article by Alvin Liu, Todd Kaplinger and Mingzhe Huang provides a presentation of Intern and explains how to use it to test web applications.

Solving Intermittent Issues and Random Failures

January 27, 2014 0

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing that almost-green test suite ruined by a couple of intermittent issues that are difficult to reproduce. Intermittent issues are not only a maintenance pain, but they also lead to low confidence in the test tools themselves. This presentation goes through a few of the more common reasons for these failures, shares some mitigation strategies and tells some stories about some intermittent failures that were caused by some surprising issues.

A Model Based Approach To Evaluate and Improve Mobile User Experience

January 27, 2014 1

With the increased importance of targeting mobile devices in the software development world, we need better tools to assess the quality of the user experience (UX) on these devices. This article introduces the context that creates the need for a model-based approach to evaluate mobile user experience so that different software, or versions of the same software, can be evaluated in a consistent way.

Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes

January 20, 2014 0

Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes is a free e-book that discusses the topic of Microsoft Fakes. Microsoft Fakes is a code isolation framework for Visual Studio that helps you isolate the code for unit testing by replacing other parts of the application with stubs or shims. With Microsoft Fakes you can test parts of your software even if some parts have not been implemented or are not working yet.

Outward-in Development, Unit Tests and Fixture Data

January 16, 2014 0

Test-Driven Development (TDD) can be difficult to practice as features increase in complexity. Testing is often skipped when developers feel uncomfortable with TDD or have not yet seen certain approaches in practice. This video describes specific techniques used in TDD which touch on: Integration testing with RSpec+Capybara, Model Associations and Data Validations, Asynchronous Jobs, Emails, 3rd Party Services, and JSON API endpoints.

Effective Software Developer Attitudes to QA People

January 13, 2014 2

Agile software development approaches encourage a collaborative setting in software development projects. Software developments and software testers and quality assurance people have to create a better context for working together. This article discusses how programmers can improve their relationships with the software quality assurance people.

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