Test Suites and Program Analysis

August 15, 2016 0

Specializing static analysis techniques for test suites has yielded interesting results. We’ve previously learned that most tests are simple straight-line code, namely a sequence of setup statements followed by a payload consisting of asserts. We show how static analysis can identify useless setup statements, enabling developers to simplify and speed up their test cases.

Integrate Manual and Automated Testing in a Test Plan

April 4, 2016 3

The debate is always active in the software testing community about the usage of manual or automated testing. In this article, Art Trevethan explains that both have their value. He guides you on how to choose the test items to automate and proposes an approach to integrate test automation smoothly in your test plans without abandoning the benefits of manual testing.

Planning Agile Tests With Models

December 8, 2015 0

Performing software testing in an Agile project doesn’t mean that it should be improvised. In this article from their book “More Agile Testing”, Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin looks at some foundations of Agile test planning using the Agile testing quadrants.

Stop Hating your Test Suite

November 24, 2015 2

Your application is a unique snowflake. Your software tests are too… but they shouldn’t be! Years helping teams write better tests has taught me one thing: consistency is crucial. Inconsistent tests slow teams down, wasting time to understand how each test works.

What Makes a Good Test Suite?

February 12, 2015 0

We all want “better” test suites. But what makes for a good test suite? Certainly, test suites ought to aim for good coverage, at least at the statement coverage level. To be useful, test suites should run quickly enough to provide timely feedback.

Using Personas in Software Testing

January 20, 2015 0

Personas are fictional archetypes based on the real world that represent a group of users who have common goals. This is a concept that is often used in product and software development. In this blog post, Katrina Clokie expand the concept of personas to the software testing domain.

The 10 Minute Test Plan

September 6, 2011 0

In this blog post, James Whittaker explains how he decreased the time needed to create test plans by splitting the allowed time to produce them in 10 minutes slices.