Planning Agile Tests With Models

Performing software testing in an Agile project doesn’t mean that it should be improvised. In this article from their book “More Agile Testing”, Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin looks at some foundations of Agile test planning using the Agile testing quadrants.

The Agile Testing quadrants is a perspective on software testing based on two dimensions: the business-technology axis and the development-product axis. The quadrants is a taxonomy or model to help Scrum teams plan their Agile testing. They provide a visible mechanism for the team to talk about the testing needed. The article explore the planning of tests for each quadrant.

The article propose also alternatives proposed by other software testing experts to the current quadrant model and other models that could be used to plan Agile testing sessions. Finally, Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin discusses test automation, using test automation pyramid proposed by Mike Cohn.

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