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A Revolution in Integration Testing of Microservices

May 23, 2024 0

Testing strategies for modern software architectures are evolving. As we transition from monolithic structures to team-sized microservices with crisp APIs aligned to bounded contexts, we encounter more stable testing surfaces.

DevOps Approach: Continuous Monitoring & Continuous Testing

February 26, 2024 1

We are aware of the continuous monitoring of various data intensive systems and services across cloud platforms and on-premise settings. However, when it comes to continuous monitoring in alignment with continuous software testing in a DevOps context of visually heavy live-streaming applications, we are left with the fewer options especially in the open source space.

Establishing Software Quality Assurance in Startup Environment

January 17, 2024 0

In the last couple of years, we all witnessed the rise of startups that often lack a software quality assurance approach. These small organizations are driving innovations, but bringing high uncertainty, short planning horizon, and lack of time and resources along.

Software Testing in Modern Times: About Quality and Value

January 3, 2024 0

This presentation about software testing is for software developers and everybody else working in IT. Secret number one: this session is less about software testing as you would expect… Software Development is a complex thing. We are dealing with customers who do not exactly know what they want. We also have to deal with complexity, confusion, changes, new insights and half answers.

The Road to Reliable Test Automation

December 29, 2023 1

Test automation that works is something we strive to achieve in software testing, and sometimes it is difficult to do. Tests fail randomly, and it is not easy to pinpoint the reason for failures.

End to End Test Automation with Playwright

November 13, 2023 1

You need to make sure that you test complete user flows. With the open source test automation tool Playwright, you can easily in minutes record a test and run that test and visually see what is happening, providing a cool developer experience.

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