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In this era where everything is going digital, job roles are evolving too. There are new functions going online, more apps being developed for different tasks and for leisure. Technology is evolving at a pace faster than ever. With this, the role of QA is evolving too.

Software quality assurance provides confidence to go live to customers. In today’s digital world, where time to market is the biggest factor of a product’s success, QA methodologies are evolving and fusing with other roles in the product life cycle. Due to this, it is very important to hire an appropriately skilled software tester for the role.

Along with technology, QA role focuses on documentation, processes and at some point, merges with a Business analyst role too. The exact roles and responsibilities of your QA engineer will depend on how your team is set up. Here are some of the ways a QA engineer may interact with the team and contributes to the project,

  • QA engineers participate in planning meetings to discuss proposals and software improvements. They provide input around the challenges of delivering projects, provide testing inputs, help set testing standards and develop evaluation methods for the work.
  • While the software is in development, QA engineers continuously do static testing thinking from customer point of view (End-to-end). They can make or request code or design changes and ensure that integrations with other software work smoothly.
  • Before the software release, QA engineers conduct multiple tests against the exit criteria and using different approaches using different QA skills. They work with the release manager to ensure the software is ready to go live to the final user without any bugs.

With that being said, hiring the right QA engineer can make the difference between launching a globally trusted, robust software and releasing a substandard product and not to mention financial losses for your company.

Come To Our Great SQA Job Portal - Qualitician

According to the latest World Quality Report, most IT companies spend about a quarter of their QA budget on QA staffing. This budget is mostly spent on finding the right software testers with appropriate qualifications or experience and recruiting them to fill a QA position or QA role. In its 2016 report, SHRM estimated that companies spend an average of 42 days to fill a position and over $4,000 per hire.

Niche job portals are game changers in current volatile job market which can change the way employers spend on finding right candidates. The good news is that you don’t have to go for hiring your QA engineer or finding your software QA job in the dark. We have an exclusive career portal available for software testing and QA professionals –

Qualitician is the first of a kind dedicated career portal for job seekers looking for software testing job opportunities in India. Earlier, job seekers had to visit several job platforms, filter various opportunities and false matches to find the QA job they are looking. changes it all. It is one-stop software QA career portal where job seekers can find opportunities in the software testing industry and employers can find the right people.

Why Choose Qualitician for QA Job Posting?

Quick & Easy Job Posting: Posting a QA job listing on our platform is quite simple and just a matter of few clicks. Reach out to thousands of software testers, get quality applicants and hire quickly with our fast and easy job posting services.

Get relevant QA Profiles: List skills required for the QA job so relevant QA professionals can apply.

Verify software tester’s abilities: Add screening questions to test applicants’ skills. Employers can use Questionnaire feature to filter the candidates by adding the custom questions for prospective candidates to fill.

Featured Listings: Sponsor your QA job to ensure it gets seen by the right software testers. Featured QA job listings take the top positions on search results’ pages, exposure to prospective employees increases by up to 100% with this feature and are more likely to result in a hire.

Get more visibility: Employers can also use email campaigns to get the message directly in job seeker’s inboxes with custom mails promoting the open QA position in their respective companies.

Job-Candidate matching lets employers identify which profiles are most suited for each open QA position.

Social Media Job Postings: Easily share QA job openings on leading social networks to increase the chances of finding qualified software testers faster.

Applicant Tracking System: Qualitician’s simple ATS lets you source, screen and hire the right QA talent faster. You can track incoming applicants for each QA job posting in one place. From screening applicants to interview scheduling, our ATS has the features to streamline your QA recruitment process.

Looking To Hire Software Testers?

Search Resumes:

Our resume database connects you with software QA professionals ready for their next QA career move. Access a growing QA talent pool, search software tester resumes instantly to find your next great hire. Identify relevant QA profiles with multiple search filters and reach out to software testers immediately using email.

Create Referral Campaigns For Open QA Positions:

An employee referral program is an effective recruitment strategy to source new QA talent. Our platform allows hiring managers and recruiters to send requests for referrals for software QA jobs. Employers encourage current employees to refer qualified QA professionals for open QA jobs in their organization. Our applicant tracking system is integrated with the referral tool to allow recruiters track and filter all applications at one place.

Post QA Jobs To Recruiters:

Employers can post software testing job requirements to software QA staffing service providers using our platform and staffing service providers can submit software tester profiles that match the job requirements submitted by employer(s).

Looking For Software Testing Jobs?

Talking about the other end of the spectrum, the software testing jobseekers, can easily create their job profile, search, and apply for the latest software testing job openings.

QA Job Board – Qualitician Advantages

Software testing job listings receive higher quality and more relevant applications. It is easier to find the perfect software testing job or the perfect software tester for the QA job with the help of our QA job portal. The cost to post a QA position is usually far less when compared to general job boards.

The platform is currently offering a trial period for employers and recruiters to post their software testing job vacancies. No wonder that several recruiters and thousands of software testing professionals have already registered on the portal. At present, the QA Job Board has active software testing job listings across India. So, all software testers out there, your dream QA job is just a few clicks away!!

QA Staffing Services

The Qualitician team offers professional help in selecting software QA engineers most suitable for your projects. Our team is trained for conducting HR operations like resume management, initial candidate screening and interview scheduling too. This can take a huge burden off the startups and medium enterprises in the QA recruitment process. We have an ever-growing database of software testing professionals. We assist recruitment agencies in finding, screening, and interviewing software testers prior to sending them to their clients.

About Qualitician

Qualitician is the premier career site for job seekers and employers in the software testing domain. The Quality Assurance Job Board is a great source for finding software QA professionals. Also, it is a great source for software testers for finding the latest software QA jobs, software QA walk-ins and software QA internship opportunities across India. We also have an online courses platform that allows course providers to host their software testing courses. For more information and to register, visit our official website.

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