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Open Source JavaScript Code Analysis

December 15, 2020 5

The quality of the JavaScript code is often verified with the traditional activities of unit and functional testing. There are however tools that allow checking code before or during its execution to assess its quality and its adherence to coding standards using a process called code analysis. This article presents a list of open source tools to perform static and dynamic code analysis on JavaScript programs.

Disrupting QA: Trends in Code Quality Automation

January 13, 2020 0

This presentation reviews recent developments in code analysis as well as the history of static analysis in commercial software and its evolution in the academic world. It provides an overview of the current commercial landscape, and conclude with best practices for organizations looking to bring static analysis into their software development environment and software testing practices.

Test Suites and Program Analysis

August 15, 2016 0

Specializing static analysis techniques for test suites has yielded interesting results. We’ve previously learned that most tests are simple straight-line code, namely a sequence of setup statements followed by a payload consisting of asserts. We show how static analysis can identify useless setup statements, enabling developers to simplify and speed up their test cases.

Static Analysis for C++

May 30, 2016 0

Static analysis tools have the potential to significantly improve programmer productivity as well as the safety, reliability and efficiency of the code they write. Modern static analysis has moved well beyond the mental model people often have based on “lint”: just finding simple typos. Static analysis can find subtle, complex bugs early, identify opportunities to improve performance, encourage consistent style and appropriate usage of libraries and APIs.

PHP Static Code Analysis

August 10, 2015 1

PHP is not the best language to catch errors in code, like mistyped names of variables. This is what static code analysis tools (named linters or lints) can do: find bugs in code before it ever get executed. Linters don’t replace unit tests, but generally they are faster and cheaper to set up. I’ll talk about my XRef lint project ( as well as other helpful open source alternatives: phplint (, arcanist ( and scrutinizer (

Chasing Code Quality in a Distributed Team

December 20, 2012 0

This presentation discusses problems and solutions that were made in solving problems such as size (about 100 people in total, more than 5 years long), multi-location (Vilnius, China, US), remote PO (teams in Eastern Europe, PO in US), ~550 000 LOC’s, multiple customers. It will present techniques used to maintain the project quality in shape: Continuous Integration, Code Review, Static Code Quality.

Integrating an External Code Checker in Eclipse

September 11, 2012 0

Codan is a code analysis framework that performs code checks on C/C++ projects. It is part of the Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) suite since 2011. Codan was updated with the Eclipse Juno release in June 2012 to enable developers to automatically execute external code analysis tools within Eclipse. In this article, Alex Ruiz explains why the update is good news for users of Eclipse CDT, then shows you how to use Java code and a little bit of XML to quickly integrate your favorite code checker into your Eclipse C/C++ development environment, using Cppcheck as an example. The article provides a detailed step by step process to achieve this goal that requires just about 100 lines of simple Java code and 30 lines of XML.

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