The Latest in Google Test Tools

Software testing is labor intensive, requires expensive switches in context, involves so much grunt work that it stifles creativity and slows down productivity, and, finally, it often ignores product and customer risks. Come and learn about the latest Google has to offer in open source test tools that help manual testers by eliminating much of the grunt work, keeping them focused on testing, and helping them prioritize their efforts based on risk. Chief among these are BITE, Quality Bots, Test Analytics, and Script Cover, the first two of which are the focus of this talk.

The Browser Integrated Testing Environment (BITE), is an open source Chrome Extension which aims to fix the manual web testing experience. To use the extension, it must be linked to a server providing information about bugs and tests in your system. BITE then provides the ability to file bugs from the context of a website, using relevant templates.

QualityBots is an open source tool for web developers created by the Web Testing team at Google. It is a comparison tool that examines web pages across different Chrome channels using pixel-based DOM analysis. As new versions of Chrome are pushed, QualityBots serves as an early warning system for breakages. Additionally, it helps developers quickly and easily understand how their pages appear across Chrome channels.