Test Web Applications with Selenium RC

August 26, 2010 0

Selenium is a testing framework used for automated Web application testing. Get to know Selenium Remote Control (Selenium RC), which allows you to build tests for different browsers to ensure your Web applications are of the highest quality.

TDD at the System Scale

August 18, 2010 0

System tests have the reputation of being slow (not entirely avoidable, I admit), difficult to automate reliably and difficult to diagnose when they fail. However, I find that many teams follow a TDD process at the unit-level, but do post-hoc testing at the system level, and so don’t use system tests as a source of design feedback. This blog post shows how you should do TDD at the system scale.


August 8, 2010 0

FitNesse is a test framework that allows testers, developers and customers to collaborate to create test cases on a wiki. Teams can take examples of desired software behavior and turn them into automated tests, integrated with narrative requirements documentation. FitNesse runs its own wiki web server. It’s possible to test applications written in Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, C, and PHP using FitNesse.