Teaching Programmers to Test

December 24, 2010 0

“Would you trust a programmer to test your application? It’s like asking a Fox to guard the chicken-house, right?” This is the beginning of this post that deals with the issue of having programmers testing their own code.

Automated Web Testing with Selenium

December 10, 2010 0

Selenium is an open source project with no formal guidance, making problem investigation time-intensive for testers. This article provides best practices for common issues during testing based on Selenium 1.0, which was released in June 2009.

The Principle of Symmetric Change

December 6, 2010 0

Many of the most common problems people have with implementing BDD or agile acceptance testing come from a misalignment of conceptual models. By changing our view at the specifications/tests we can make most of those issues go away instantly. This post explains the principle of symmetric change: one small change in a business model should require one small change to executable specifications.