Functional Testing for Grails with Geb and Spock

November 30, 2011 0

This blog post by Andrey Shevchenko provides an overview on how to write functional tests for Groovy using Geb and Spock technologies with a detailed example. Geb is a browser automation solution that brings together the power of WebDriver, the elegance of jQuery content selection, the robustness of Page Object modelling and the expressiveness of the Groovy language.

Parameterized Unit Testing with Pex

November 30, 2011 0

This tutorial explores the principles of parameterized unit testing with Microsoft Pex 2010. Microsoft Pex is a Visual Studio add-in for testing .NET Framework applications that automatically generates test suites with high code coverage. Right from the Visual Studio code editor, Pex finds interesting input-output values of your methods, which you can save as a small test suite with high code coverage.

Unit Testing in Java: A Sleeping Snail

November 28, 2011 5

In the context of Java unit testing, a sleeping snail is a test that’s sluggish and takes (relatively speaking) forever to run because it relies on Thread#sleep and arbitrarily long waits to allow threads to execute before performing assertions or continuing with the workflow under test. In this article, based on chapter 5 of Unit Testing in Java, author Lasse Koskela explains this code smell and the appropriate deodorant with an example

Test Tools Configuration in Visual Studio

November 23, 2011 0

Have you visited the treasures of Visual Studio Menu bar tools | Options | Test Tools lately? The options to enable disable prompts on creating, editing, deleting or running manual/automated tests can be controller from here. The default test project language and default test types created on a new test project creation could be selected/unselected from here.

Using Robot Framework in Automation of Functional Testing

November 23, 2011 0

Manual testing is a time consuming process. In addition, regression testing, because of its repetitive nature, is error-prone, so automation is highly desirable. Robot Framework is simple, yet powerful and easily extensible tool which utilizes the keyword driven testing approach. Easy to use tabular syntax enables creating test cases in a uniform way. Ability to create reusable high-level keywords from existing keyword ensures easy extensibility and reusability.

Exploratory Testing Rolling Strategy Dice

November 22, 2011 0

Exploratory testing is a software testing technique that combines simultaneous learning, test design and test execution. Shmuel Gershon has proposed two dices that allows to bring a little bit of fun to any exploratory testing session. One dice includes the six Product Elements from James Bach and the other twelve Quality Characteristics from The Test Eye team. Each combination of these two dices provides a new angle for testing an application. For those who are allergic to origami and don’t want to build their own dices, an online version exists that will roll them for you.

Top Tips For Better Selenium Tests

November 21, 2011 0

This video shares experience on how to write better Selenium tests. It contains advice on Implicit waits, ignoring Open and waitForPageToLoad failures, reporting pass/fail status automatically on python.

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