Belgium Testing Days, Brussels, Belgium, October 25 2017

The Belgium Testing Days (BTD) is a conference dedicated to software testing that takes place in Brussels. The BTD event aims to be the best software testing conference with leading experts on Testing, QA, DevOps, Mobile Testing, Test Automation and Continuous Delivery.

On top of the expert speaker lineup, you will have a chance to work side by side with the BTD community at the Lab and choose from a full range of Labs sessions opportunities. In the agenda up you can find topics like “The whole story: Mapping, slicing and writing”, “Test & Project Management – are they related?”, “Performance Testing: Critical Concepts and Skills”, “Test Automation Patterns (Technical & Management)”, “Planning with #NoEstimates”, “Cloud Testing”, “Test Automation Heuristics”, “Application Performance Clinic: From Zero to Performance Hero in Minutes”, “Using Influence Diagrams to Understand Testing”, “Identifying and removing blockers to improving testing”.

Web site for the Belgium Testing Days conference: