Unit Test and Refactor Legacy PHP Code

July 26, 2011 0

This article proposes strategies to refactor problematic PHP code, making it easier to test it with unit testing tools, while reducing dependencies that improves your code base.

Testing: Why Don’t We Do It Like This?

November 20, 2010 0

Testing is a fundamental part of the Agile process. We live and breathe TDD/BDD. Red/Green/Refactor is our daily mantra. We love cucumber and writing executable, customer readable specifications. We even write tests for our JavaScripts.

How Do You Refactor Untested Code?

January 2, 2010 0

“Bug fixing often uncovers opportunities for refactoring. The very fact that you’re working with code that contains a bug indicates that there is a chance that it could be clearer or better structured.”

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