Why Unit Testing is Not Waste

Unit testing is always causing some debate about its usefulness in the software development community. Some developers argue that unit tests are a waste of time because they provide few value to assess the quality of the final system and they are difficult to maintain. In his Henrik Warne explains why he thinks that you get a lot of value from unit tests.

Henrik Warne explains that unit tests provides a lot of value to check algorithmic logic and list the following benefits of unit tests:
* When testing the complete application, it is better to use well-tested parts.
* When you design the building blocks of your system to be easily unit tested, you automatically separate the different pieces as much as possible.
* Unit tests provides a quick feedback for your coding mistakes, which makes it easier to correct them
* It is sometimes easier to set up the context you want in a unit test than it is to set it up in the complete system.

His conclusion is that “Unit tests are not a goal in themselves. They are not useful in every situation. But my experience is that they are very useful a lot of the time, and I consider unit testing one of my key software development techniques.”

Read the complete blog post on http://henrikwarne.com/2014/09/04/a-response-to-why-most-unit-testing-is-waste/