Cross-Browser Testing Tools (Free, Open Source, Paid)

When today’s applications run on various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.) on different mobile or desktop devices with specific screen settings. This is why you need to perform cross-browser testing for your automated tests. This article lists the main desktop or online cross-browser testing tools available today. Some of these tools are open-source, some are commercial with a free plan. Use our contact form to make us aware of some cross broswer testing tools that we should add to this list.

Cross-browser testing is a software testing activity that check the quality of web applications across multiple browsers, devices and operating systems. Screen size, screen resolution, OS version, browser versions, JavaScript and CSS languages support are elements that impact how your users are viewing content on a moblie phone, a tablet or a desktop screen. Cross-browser testing helps you to understand and verify these different user experiences for the main devices and system used by your target audience.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when looking for a cross-browser testing tool:

  • Are you testing on real devices vs. emulators/simulators?
  • How many browsers, devices and operating systems are supported by the platform?
  • How can you test: writing your own scripts, with a record & replay tool or supporting an existing software testing framework like Selenium?
  • How much software testing power or which features do you need and get in the pricing plans: number of users, virtual location, testing time, parallel usage, support, external tool integration (bug tracking, continuous integration, test management, …), analytics, etc. ?


* October 2 2023
Added Colin Creevey, Datadog, Momentum Suite
* June 26 2022
Added Headspin, Telerik
Bitbar replaces, Experitest is renamed
* September 27 2021: added Applitools, Ghost Inspector, Virtuoso


Applitools leverages Visual AI for a fresh approach to cross browser testing that is fast, secure, and stable with its Ultrafast Test Cloud. With Ultrafast Grid, you run your functional and visual tests once locally and it instantly renders all screens across all combinations of browsers, devices, and viewports. This is all done with security, stability, and speed, and with virtually no setup required.


BitBar is an online testing service that allows testing on more than 2000 different browser, device, OS, and resolution combinations, either in live testing sessions or with automated tests using frameworks like Selenium or Appium. You can interact, swipe, and explore your website on real devices, making sure your customers get the right experience. You can make testing easy by recording sessions, focusing on actually finding bugs instead of documenting them. in just seconds.


Browsera is an online cross-browser testing service that detects visual discrepancies between how different browsers display your website. Browsera will notify you of possible cross-browser layout problems it finds while testing your site. Instead of having to check out each screenshot on your own, you get a report detailing which pages have potential problems. You can quickly see the problems indicated as each screenshot is highlighted in the problematic areas.


Browsereling is a cross-browser testing tool that performs tests on real browsers running on real computers. It runs real desktop browsers on its own servers in virtual machines, not using use emulators or fake browsers. Testers can capture, save, and share screenshots of their web pages in all browsers. You can also annotate them and send bug reports this way.


BrowserStack provides Interactive web-based testing on 2000+ browsers and real devices instantly., from legacy versions of Internet Explorer, to the latest beta and developer releases of Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex. You can also use its Selenium grid to start testing instantly on 2000+ real mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Cross-Browser Testing Tools


CloudQA provides out of the box cross browser testing support. You can see how your page(s) look in different browsers. Simply provide the URL(s) and CloudQA will run in the background and access the page(s) via multiple browsers. We also support mobile Chrome emulator for testing. CloudQA will show you not only the screenshots of your page from each browser, but also provide other valuable information like performance metrics for each browser, page resource graph and HTML5 validation.


Comparium is a cross-browser testing tool that you can use to manage web browser testing on different browsers and operating system according to your choice. The supported browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, and Safari 11.0. Perform visual compatibility testing across different web browsers. Comparium supports cross-browser testing on the following operating systems, namely, Windows 10, 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, and Linux.

Colin Creevey

Colin Creevey is an open source cross-browser screenshot testing tool for Storybook with fancy UI Runner. It features the usage of stories as tests and writing interaction tests. This tools supports Docker and is CI Ready.


Datadog is a commercial monitoring and testing platform. It aims to monitor critical user journeys and business transactions with intelligent, self-maintaining cross browser tests. You can create end-to-end tests with the codeless web recorder by clicking through applications just like end-users would, testing from various global locations, browsers, and devices. With Datadog you can configure test steps with advanced options such as assertions, variables, and subtests, easily analyzing test results with out-of-the-box metrics and dashboards.

Datadog cross browser testing platform. Continuous Testing

With Continuous Testing, you can test your sites and web applications across more than 1,000 real desktop browsers on SeeTest cloud real browser lab. You can perform manual web testing securely, even on a staging environment, using remote desktop and mobile browsers by connecting through a secure tunnel. Simplify web app testing by eliminating all errors before putting your work into production. You can also Perform large scale parallel test execution across +1,000 combinations of desktop and mobile browsers versions and operating systems, hosted in Experitest data centers around the globe. You can run Appium and Selenium tests without any modification directly from your IDE, using any testing framework such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, TestNG, JUnit, etc. Tests can be programmed in any language (Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, etc.)

Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector is a online software testing tool that allows recording yourself walking through user journeys on your website and turn them in reproducible tests using our browser extension. You can then synchronize your recording to Ghost Inspector and run it as an automated test in the cloud. These tests can run on various versions of Chrome and Firefox, with a wide range of screen sizes that include mobile and tablet for testing responsive designs.


Headspin is an online sofware testing and software quality assurance platform that provides cross-browser testing features. You can target multple real mobile and browser testing devices with access to remote devices equipped with actual SIM cards through a secure global device cloud. Headsping allows running cross browser tests on real devices and test real user experience in locations around the globe, instantly adding more locations.

Inflectra Rapise

Inflectra Rapise is a desktop Windows software testing tool. You can record a test script using one browser and then play it back using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Rapise supports cross-browser testing because it uses the web browser Document Object Model (DOM) to interact with the current web page.


LambdaTest is a cross browser testing cloud solution that allows performing automated and live interactive cross browser testing on more than 2000 real browsers and operating systems online. You can test from different locations to make sure that users get perfect experience across all locations. It integrates with other software development tools like Jenkins, GitHub, TeamCity, SpecFlow or Slack.

Momentum Suite

Momentum Suite is a commerecial cross platform E2E software testing solution. It allows to automate tests of web applications on both mobile and desktop platforms. You can define your functional tests with real web and mobile browsers.

Perfecto Web

Perfecto Web is an online testing platform that allows testing across browsers. You can create tests with Perfecto Codeless is AI-driven test automation creation based on Selenium or use an existing test automation frameworks like Selenium, Protractor, and WebdriverIO. The Smart Lab is the heart of Perfecto’s test platform. You have 24/7 access to the power of six global data centers. Smart, self-healing abilities provide unshakable stability. You’ll always test on real devices and browsers with real user conditions in our smart testing lab.

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is an online software testing platform where you can test on thousands of desktop and mobile browser/OS combinations in the cloud. Extended debugging provides browser console logs and network calls to gain insight into network requests and browser performance that can cause automated tests to fail, helping to speed root cause analysis. You can setup, manage, and view test results all from within your continuous integration server like Jenkins, MSFT VSTS or and Bamboo.

Sauce Labs is an online software testing platform

Telerik Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio is a suite of tools for web test automation with cross-browser support and flexible web and mobile form factor coverage. It allows you to create tests with the help of a visual test recorder and automate your test runs with multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Chrome Headless, and Chromium-based Edge. To simulate different devices, you choose from several predefined browser screen sizes or create the custom ones that you need for your test scenarios.

Telerik Test Studio


TestingBot provides cloud-based Selenium and Appium Grids for testing websites and mobile applications. You have access to over 2000 browsers and devices which you can instantly start using for live and automated testing. You can automatically take screenshots of your web pages on the browsers you specify.


Virtuoso is a test automation platform that aims to take the manual work out of functional and visual test automation. Virtuoso combines NLP, RPA, and other AI techniques to deliver faster results at any scale in the cloud. You can increase test coverage with on-demand access to 2000+ browsers and real devices to test web and mobile applications.

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