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Transition to Agile Testing – Part 4: 7 Practical Tips

Software testing during the transition to Agile is not easy. This fourth and final part proposes 7 practical tips for a smooth adoption of Agile software testing practices. From better communication to test automation, these tips should help to solve some of the issues that are naturally associated with this transition. Remember that it is up to you, as a team, to implement your kind of Agile and if you love it or hate it.

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Vector Software has announced that VectorCAST tools now offer a seamless integration with the Wind River VxWorks 7 Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). This combination allows software tests to be built and run in the same environment that the final application will be deployed.

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CustomerCentrix has released LoadStorm LITE, a new cloud-based load testing tool that provides users with a cost-effective solution to load testing. The LoadStorm tool allows users to simulate traffic hitting their website or web application while measuring how the application handles the heavy load.

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QF-Test 4.0 is a major step forward – not just with its support of new technologies like JavaFX, the Swing replacement, and extending web testing by Chrome, but with many great enhancements that make automated testing more robust and more enjoyable.

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Writing software tests is a good thing, writing better tests is even better. In this blog post, Marcos Brizeno shares fives tips to improve your software testing practice. For each of the tips, he provides also external references if you want to explore further the topic.

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Certification is a process that has gradually spread amongst all areas of software development. Software testing certifications are mainly managed by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and its local affiliates. The Professional Tester’s Manifesto is a strong statement about the certification process in software testing.

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The international ETSI User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) is a software testing conference dedicated to advanced test automation. Jointly organized by ETSI Technical Committee “Methods for Testing and Specification” (TC MTS) and QualityMinds, a software testing company, the conference introduces the latest innovations made in test automation.

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Web application testing is a rapidly evolving topic, so year by year it is reasonable to enumerate the possible options and re-evaluate the web testing strategy you have chosen for your .NET project.

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Let’s Test Oz is a three-day software testing conference that takes place in Australia and features a list of international and Australasian speakers. In the program you will find workshops, keynotes, tutorials and sessions.

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Without a full user-centered process, performing a usability test at the end of the development process merely serves to highlight the unacceptable nature of the design. It’s a sad and frustrating result, but there is usually little that can be done except to release the poor design.

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Borland, a Micro Focus company, has announced updates to the Borland Silk Portfolio – a comprehensive set of quality and performance software testing tools for desktop, web, cloud and mobile – which includes cloud-based load testing for internal applications.