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The Software Tester as a Designer

Software testing is an activity that has often been placed at the end of the software development life cycle, something that you did if there were some time left before the project deadline. In his book ” Scrum Shortcuts without Cutting Corners”, Ilan Goldstein explains that the software testers should be active since the beginning of the project.

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Orasi Software, an Atlanta-based quality assurance software reseller and professional services company, has announced that it is expanding its line of software testing utilities. With the addition of the upcoming OPTIC (Orasi Performance Test Intelligence Connector), Orasi will offer seven products targeted to supporting or enhancing test automation, team communication, reporting and process validation, and other important facets of software development. OPTIC will expand this portfolio by connecting two industry-leading solutions: HP LoadRunner and AppDynamics. (Further details will be released at a later date.)

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Ari Lerner believes that testing is a core aspect of development, that they cannot be separated from one another, that they are one in the same. This talk is about Angular, and is specifically about testing the Angular JavaScript framework, but the approaches discussed are universal to front-end applications alike.

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Vector Software, a provider of solutions for embedded software quality, has announced the availability of VectorCAST/CBA (Covered By Analysis) which allows users in regulated industries to augment measured coverage with manual analysis to achieve the mandated 100% code coverage.

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The software development trend that shifts the target platform from the desktop to web, cloud and mobile applications has fostered the development of load testing services on the web. It is an obvious option to use web-based load testing tools for applications that can be accessed by web users. This article presents the free offers from commercial web load testing services providers.

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Quality Excites (QE) is a free one-day conference on software testing and software quality that provides lectures and workshops for professional software testers who want to learn about the newest technologies and the best practices. All the talks are in Polish.

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This version features a completely redesigned UI as well as lots of cool features that are already implemented in the backend, which we will be rolling out steadily over the course of the next few weeks. Load Impact 3.0 is ready for teams embracing DevOps and continuous delivery, but we know there is much more to do.

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It’s commonly said that Test Automation means you need less testers on the team, it speeds up the testing process and allows more time for Exploratory Testing. In this talk Richard shares his critique of these common outcomes by calling upon his experiences of working in and managing teams where Automation has played a crucial part in the testing approach and has been used to great effect; but hasn’t resulted in the above outcomes.

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Crowdsourced Testing has just announced the launch of Overlook, a testing tool designed to simplify the test plan management process. This new product reinforces Crowdsourced Testing’s presence throughout the entire software testing process, as it provides answers to one of the most difficult tasks in the software testing process: creating, executing, and tracking the progress of test plans.

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Borland has announced updates to the Borland Silk Portfolio. It extendsits comprehensive set of quality and performance testing tools for desktop, web, cloud and mobile to include network and collaborative testing. The latest version will help enable customers to gain a truer understanding of what global end users are experiencing.

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With the new release of Rapise cloud edition you can start testing immediately in the cloud, no hardware or test lab needed. You just have to sign up for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and rent the Rapise cloud AMIs on-demand, with no minimum usage and no annoying monthly or annual fees. You just pay for what you use.