Octomind Has Raised €4.5 Million for AI-based Web Testing

Six months after stepping out into the light from our stealth mode, the German startup Octomind successfully raised 4.5 million euros in seed capital. This funding round is led by the Cherry Ventures and supported by other angel investors.

Still in the beta stage, Octomind AI agent claims to generate end-to-end test code that can be run by the open source Playwright framework. This tool was chosen because it offers cross-browser testing (all modern rendering engines including Chromium, WebKit, and Firefox), cross-platform testing (Windows, Linux, and macOS, locally or on CI, headless or headed), and cross-language support (TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, .NET, and Java).

This fresh injection of capital will be used to enhance Octomind AI’s ability to understand and navigate web applications, identifying and testing critical user flows with precision. The ultimate goal is to create a seamless, bug-free user experience that stands the test of real-world application.