SmartBear Has Acquired Reflect AI No-Code Testing Tool

SmartBear has announced the acquisition of Reflect, an AI-powered no-code testing platform for web applications. Reflect allows developers and testers to write tests as text prompts, enabling greater automation. This acquisition accelerates SmartBear’s AI strategy to meet diverse customer needs by intelligently powering its three integrated hubs for the industry’s most comprehensive API development, testing, and production readiness with insights that power great user experiences across the entire software development lifecycle. Prior to the acquisition, Reflect was backed by Battery Ventures, Craft Ventures, and Y Combinator.

Reflect’s AI-based testing solutions bring new possibilities today, like natural language test creation and visual insight generation. By combining this technology with SmartBear’s own recent innovations in AI test automation, the potential is tremendous. SmartBear is committed to steadily enhancing its solutions by leveraging AI in ways that create simplified, scalable testing for modern development teams. Reflect applies large language models to instantly turn natural language test step definitions, like those used in manual test cases, into automated scripts, boosting efficiency.

This acquisition continues SmartBear’s effort to extend its testing platform and improve visibility. It recently announced integrating VisualTest, its AI-driven automated regression visual testing tool, with UI test automation tool, TestComplete.