LambdaTest Integrates with algoQA AI Testing Platform

LambdaTest has announced its integration with AlgoShack’s algoQA, an end-to-end automation testing platform powered by artificial intelligence. With the seamless integration of these platforms’ capabilities, businesses may gain remarkable efficiency and substantially boost developer productivity.

algoQA is a testing platform that claims to produce optimal number of test cases written in Gherkin language along with datasets, and executable test scripts. All it takes is a simple profiling of application under test using Drag & Drop and Wizards. Profiling is easy, domain intuitive and quick. You don’t need to write the Test Cases manually. The platform claims to save up to 80% of testing, test automation & test maintenance cost, enhances coverage and reduces business risk.

This integration should allow development and testing teams to collaborate and work together to achieve mutual goals. Enhanced testing processes, test insights, and real-time feedback enable stakeholders to make well-informed decisions that lead to software solutions that meet customer expectations.