Software Testing Resources: Load Testing, Unit Testing, Functional Testing

Software Testing Mnemonics Card Deck

October 23, 2012 0

Karen Nicole Johnson has produced a nice word document that list all software testing mnemonics. You will find in more than 10 pages useful software testing heuristics like SACKED SCOWS or SLIME. For every mnemonic, there is a link to the article or blog post that explains it.

Unit Testing Cheat Sheet

September 19, 2012 2

Andrew Hunt and David Thomas have produced a nice Unit Testing Cheat Sheet (PDF document) based on the unit testing principles introduced in their book Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java. This document contains the Right-BICEP hint to determine what to test, the A-TRIP acronym that help remembering the properties of good tests and the CORRECT approach to assess boundary conditions in software testing.

Testing Ruby on Rails Applications Guide

May 24, 2012 0

This guide presents the mechanisms available to test your Ruby on Rails application. After an introduction to software testing in the Ruby on Rails context, the guide explains how to perform unit testing on your models and functional testing for the controllers. The guide also explains how Rails provides a generator to create an integration test skeleton. At the end, the guide proposes other popular testing approaches and plugins that could be used to test Ruby on Rails applications.

Functional Testing Tools Directory

February 6, 2012 0

The Functional Testing Tools Directory presents a list of commercial or open source functional software testing tools like Selenium, Cucumber or JBehave. The web site also proposes pointers to tools reviews or presentations and contains a page of resources associated to functional software testing. Visit

Unit Testing and Mocking Tools Directory

December 15, 2011 0

The Unit Testing and Mocking Tools Directory presents a list of unit testing and mocking tools, both open source and commercial, for the main programming languages (Java, .NET, ruby, etc). It contains also a list of resources associated to this topic. Visit

Selenium Tutorial

December 5, 2011 0

This Selenium tutorial is intended for people having an interest in testing web applications. Its objectives are to show you how to write tests that effectively test your applications but also how to integrate Selenium in your existing testing processes following the good practices that this tool requires.

Acceptance Test Engineering Guide

September 20, 2011 0

Acceptance Testing is defined as the planned evaluation of a system by customers to assess to what degree it satisfies their expectations. The Acceptance Test Engineering Guide provides guidance for technology stakeholders (developers, development leads, testers, test leads, architects, etc.) and business stakeholders (managers, customers, end users, etc) on the discipline of acceptance testing.

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