Selenium Tutorial

This Selenium tutorial is intended for people having an interest in testing web applications. Its objectives are to show you how to write tests that effectively test your applications but also how to integrate Selenium in your existing testing processes following the good practices that this tool requires.

The learning path is as-follows:

  • Basics: a presentation of the Selenium framework, its tools and the different concepts. We’ll also learn how to use Selenium-IDE.
  • Selenium RC: Now that we have an overview of Selenium, we’re going to learn about Selenium RC, how it works and what scenarios are appropriated for its usage.
  • Strategies: Here we talk about how to use Selenium efficiently. We’ll talk about the different approaches you may want to adopt when it comes to write your tests, what are the tools that may help you in that effort and its integration within your company and its processes.
  • The future of Selenium: Here we’re going to approach the future of Selenium and why it matters.

At the end of each chapter you will find one or more exercises made to illustrate by practice the course content.

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