National Software Testing Conference, London, UK, June 21-22 2022

The National Software Testing Conference is a conference taking place in London and focused on different areas of software testing. The speakers are active testing professionals that have and fought their way through literally dozens and dozens of like-minded professionals and come out on top. The conference program delivers up-to-date and cutting-edge content and pragmatic advice to software testing current issues.

In the agenda of the National Software Testing Conference you can find topics like “Shift from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering!”, “The Cost of Test Automation”, “Can Testing really be Agile?”, “Testing In A Fragmented Marketplace: How Big Is Your Device Cupboard?”, “Why Opt For Agile Software Testing? The Answer May Surprise You”, “How To Automate Testing For Next-Generation Interfaces, Including Web, Mobile, And Applications Like Siri And Alexa”, “Rediscover Exploratory Testing”, “Shifting SQA Skills To The Digital Era”, “Preparing Testing And Test Organisation Setup For DevOps”, “Why is Diversity More Important Than Ever Within Assurance Disciplines?”, “Testing for Digital Using One Script in One Lab”, “The Art of Questioning to improve Testing, Agile, and Automating”, “Changing Trends, Test Automation and Continuous Delivery”, “MicroServices Testing and Automation strategy on Mobile Technology”, “Testing: Evolution or Revolution?”, “Introducing Quality through Behaviour Driven Change Implementation”.

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