Nordic Testing Days, Tallinn, Estonia, June 7-9 2023

The Nordic Testing Days is a three-day conference focused on software testing and software quality assurance that target as an audience the professional software testers from the Northern European countries. The first day of the Nordic Testing Days proposes tutorials and the two other days are full of short talks and workshops. The conference has all the important topics of testing and a wide cast of presenters.

In the agenda of the Nordic Testing Days conference you can find topics like “Selenium Testing from Scratch”, “Building Your Own API Testing Framework with Pytest and Requests”, “The Road To QA – From Developer To Test Automation Engineer”, “Testing backend API from mobile QA perspective using Rest Assured”, “Hire Me A Tester”, “De-Mystifying Mobile Application Testing – a Hands on Approach”, “Consistent and Repeatable Metrics to Manage Test Activities”, “Test Trend Analysis: Towards Robust, Reliable and Timely UI Tests”, “How to Be an Explorer of Software”, “Exploratory Testing Made Simple”, “Automated Acceptance Test by Developers and Automated Functional Testing by Testers”, “Using Retrospectives for Better Quality Assurance”, “Extending Selenium Beyond Its Capabilities”, “Automated Accessibility Testing in the Continuous Integration Pipeline”, “Gamification in Software Testing”, “The Empowered Tester: How To Test & Release 32 Sites Daily and Keep Sane”, “A Day Of Lean Software Testing”, “Thinking And Working Visually for Software Testers”, “Improvising for Testers – What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do Next”, “Advanced Test-Driven Development Scenarios: From Mocks to Legacy Code”, “Missing Bugs, Cognitive Bias and Mindsets”, “Mastering complexity: The art of automated testing”.

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