Quality Excites, Gliwice, Poland, June 19-20 2020

Quality Excites (QE) is a conference on software testing and software quality assurance that take place in Gliwice, Poland. It provides lectures and workshops for professional software testers who want to learn about the newest technologies and the best practices. All the talks are in Polish.

Besides the software testing and software quality assurance topics, the Quality Excites conference also covers the topics of software development techniques and Agile project management. In the agenda of Quality Excites you could find topics like “How to introduce and maintain DevOps culture in the QA environment?”, “Between vision and realisation, how to find bugs before implementation begins”, “BDD as a base of communication”, “Jenkins: a friend of every tester”, “Automatic end-to-end tests for JavaScript applications”, “Pragmatic TDD”, “Robotium is coming”, “In the unit tests, do not solve problems with the tested code”.

Website for the Quality Excites conference: http://qualityexcites.pl/en